Senior Team

The Senior Team is the most advanced dance team at Dantz Dynamix. Dancers are required to audition for this team and will be placed by technical potential and emotional readiness for the experience. These teams may compete with 2 - 3 professionally choreographed routines in the styles of jazz, hip-hop and/or lyrical. In addition, team members train in ballet as part of their dance curriculum.


10 –12 summer practices

Summer Camp in Spokane (July or August)

2-3 days each week during the school year 

See Class schedule for exact dates/times


Dance Recitals in January and May

3 - 4 Regional Competitions in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane

Local performances - Dogwood Festival, Locomotive Park Lighting Ceremony, Christmas Extravaganza, parades and college & high school basketball games

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Approximate Costs

Summer Dance Camps - $450

Choreography - $120-$175/dance

Summer Practices - $125

Costumes & Accessories - $250

Monthly Tuition - $140/month (Sept-May)

Competition Fees - $50/dance/competition

*Additional Costs may include shoes, makeup, team bags, and clothing

Senior Team 2019 2.jpg