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I.  Monthly tuition: prices are based on hours taken per week, per family.

            A.   TUITION PRICES:

                                  25-30 minute class = $36/month

                                  35-40 minute class = $41/month

                                  45 minute class= $43/month

                                  60 minute class = $46/month

                                  75 minuteclass = $51/month

             B.   MULTIPLE CLASS & FAMILY DISCOUNT:  Tuition prices are based on each student per month. 

                            For multiple children in one family or one child taking more than one class, the discount is as follows:

                                   2nd class - $7 discount

                                   3rd class - $10 discount

                                   4th class - $13 discount

                                   5th class - $16 discount

                                   6 or more classes - $20 discount

                           Example:  If one child took a 45-minute class ($43) and another child took a 30-minute class ($36)

                           the total would be $72 ($43 + $36 - $7 discount).

II.  Registration fee: $20 per child per year (Maximum of $40). 

     Early-bird discount is $10 per child.

III.  Recital Fee - $12 per family per recital.

IV.   Costume/Shoes:  Each dancer orders one costume per class per               year.  Approximate cost is $45-$65.

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